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For those of you who like to cook, Deloraineshiel is all set up. We have a double oven Range Master, so you will not be short of space.

  1. All the crockery and cutlery you need

  2. Serving plates

  3. Casserole Dishes and Platters

  4. High quality pots, pans, frying pan, grill pan

  5. Roasting try

  6. Wok

  7. Baking trays

  8. Mixing bowls (large and smaller)

  9. Salad bowls and tongs

  10. Scales

  11. Griddle Pan

  12. Larder Fridge - lots of space

  13. Large Freezer

  14. Kettle

  15. Dualit Coffee Bean Grinder

  16. Dualit Expresso Coffee Machine

  17. 4 Slice Toaster

  18. Cafetierre

  19. Coffee Mugs and Expresso Cups 

  20. Stone Mortar and Pestel

  21. Multitude of Wooden Spatulas and Wooden Spoons

  22. Multitude of Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils

  23. Colourful plastic picnic wear for eating on the deck

  24. Lemon squeezer

  25. Stainless steel serving tongs

  26. Measuring jugs and spoons

  27. Microwave Oven

  28. BBQ Utensils

  29. Chopping Boards (several)

  30. Knife Sharpener

  31. Toast rack

  32. Chopping knifes (sharp - First Aid Kit on top of fridge!)

  33. Apron, oven gloves

  34. did come come to relax, not wash the dishes!

  35. Egg cups

  36. Bread basket

  37. Bread tin

  38. Lasagne dish

We probably forgot to list quite a lot of other things! Because Deloraineshiel is a home and not just a holiday home, you will find it better equipped than most other places.