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Delorain Shiel - Next to Clayburn Loch, now Clearburn Loch.

Ainslie’s Map of Southern Part of Scotland, 1821.

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The cottage was originally located to the north west of Clearburn Loch, but for some reason was demolished and moved to the current site around 1853.

D’lorrainshiels - 1745-1828 - Map of Selkirkshire or Ettrick Forest. Ainslie, John, 1745-1828. 1772 Imprint.


Deloraineshiel, west north west of Clearburn Loch. Note location of building where Deloraineshiel is in the current day is known as Thorniecleuch.

Ordnance Survey Map of Scotland, 1883.

Deloraineshiel, in it’s current location. Note the ford and multiple foot paths (F.P).

Roxburghshire Sheet XXIV.NW
Publication date: 1899   Date revised: 1896

Deloraineshiel to the north north west of Clearburn Loch. The current site of the cottage is named Thorniecleuch. Note the B711 road.

Selkirkshire, Sheet XVIII
Survey date: 1858   Publication date: 1862

Dalorrens, taken to be the location of current Easter and Wester Deloraine. Note Cacrabank and Buckleuch as well as Ailmure (Alemore) Loch.

The Sherifdome of Etricke Forrest with the adjoyning provinces.

Ettrick Forrest wt ye joyning provinces.  1636-1652 imprint.